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Tramadol 50 mg tab mylan and lorazepam 6 mg pill mylan. i was on 10 mg lorazepam pills 3:00 am and had a very clear "mind going blank" or something to that effect.... i think it was. köpa tramadol i tyskland but that makes sense since it was about Order tramadol troy pharmacy 3 am. I believe was in the library and fell asleep in my chair. I was never up before 10 am, so this took me by surprise. I woke up at 7:30 am. No lorazepam with the 10 mg pill though. I was on a nap for most of the time, though i may have woken up a few times to talk. I did the same routine again that morning i did on Friday night, this time only dosing me once or twice on those nights. Both nights i took an l-carnitine capsule. only 5mg on the weekends. My sleeping schedule is fairly typical: I sleep from 6:00 am until pm and then take a nap. I would usually wake up at 10 am and go to work, back sleep by 10:30 am. On Saturday I went to church, and then I would lay in bed and take my l-carnitine capsules until 11. I also took some Adderall (speedball) Sunday, but not my normal Adderall dose, because I got to sleep at 2:00 am. I went out to breakfast with a couple friends, ate lot and took some Adderall again. I woke up just before 12:00, and went back to bed. I do not recall any episodes of anxiety or visual changes on my body other than that. But my memory of dreams was different. I remember that my hands were sweating and heart was beating. My eyesight affected by eyes being closed and my moving rapidly around the room. My vision was not as good usual, nor was my body. I not aware of any drug or kind reaction. I did remember feeling very fatigued for a few hours. So maybe that was why i suddenly felt like had been in a car accident. One thing is certain though. I did not have to do anything in a strange manner to have LSD taken. There were not any strange lights or objects events that I was aware of would have caused me any discomfort or issues. I thought had taken some kind of very strong hallucinogen before, and i think that it was. But I am not sure. This is my first experience with LSD. I would like to feel the same way that i felt with Adderall when getting in deep. But again, i think that this was me just having an off night and not paying attention to what i was doing guess... so a combination of both. If i could go back and do it again, I would probably take an L-carnitine pill for the rest of my stay because it really did a couple of things for me. I didn't experience ANY anxiety, vivid dreams, dizziness, or anything like that really. But it didn't seem like much at the time. I will have to research further and see what it is, but i thought that perhaps a slightly less active form of l-carnitine would do the same thing. I also tried drinking coffee before my trip to try get some stimulant effects. It worked fine, but didn't help me get any more inebriation on LSD. I might try that next time. I will also have to see if there are any other medications that might help to counter the effects of l-carnitine i.e. if we might have any effects from the anticonvulsants divalproex and gabapentin that are sometimes prescribed for seizures when taking L-carnitine.
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