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8 Types of Quality Affordable Assignment Help and More


Affordable assignment help

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You will never get to choose the assignments you do based on what you enjoy doing. That is unless the professor gives multiple assignments to choose from. If that happens, consider yourself lucky. In most cases, the professor will choose how they would like to assess your grasp of coursework. They might have you write an individual essay or they might have you work in a group. Either way, you best be prepared for whatever assignment. You best keep an affordable assignment help service on speed dial.

Because of the diversity of assignment types and the varying levels of complexity, affordable assignment help is a necessary resource for all students. Custom Scholars is your secret weapon for affordable assignment help when you cannot handle a task for one reason or another. Although, it is only a weapon if you pick yourself a good affordable assignment help service out of the myriads available on the net.

Below are some of the services you can get from our affordable assignment help company.


This is a pretty simple one. An essay presents a discussion or argument about a topic, using evidence to present the author’s perspective on the topic. However, an academic essay is pretty different from the regular type of essay. It is subjected to academic rules. All those rules are the reason you might seek out some affordable assignment help.

The basic structure of an essay starts with the introduction which provides some background for the reader as well as relays the importance of the topic. From the introduction, the reader can also deduce how you intend to tackle the problem. Which brings to mind the problem statement or thesis.

Then comes the fleshy part, the body. The body has to respond to the essay question. It also has to be appropriately structured. Such that, the flow of ideas is chronological as well as supportive of the thesis statement. This is a very interactive part of the essay as different sources are used to support different ideas. Remember to exhaust all your ideas in the body of the essay.

Finally, the conclusion. His is usually a restatement of the thesis statement followed by a recap of the supporting ideas. Depending on the purpose of the essay, you may be required to give a recommendation. This is where you tie everything together.

Remember that this is an academic essay and a reference list is absolutely necessary and critical. All cited sources must be included. It must be on a separate page. It must be presented in the prescribed style.

As a new college student, you might have trouble with this. However, we will always be on hand to provide affordable assignment help for all your essays.


A report provides clearly organized information about a situation or problem under investigation. The information may come from your experience, your reading, your research, experiments, or measurements conducted in a laboratory or out in the field. It differs from an essay in both purpose and structure.

A report starts with an abstract. This part summarizes the report by sections and provides all the abstract information relevant to the reader. Next comes the introduction which not only provides context but also describes the point of the paper for starters as well as presents limitations and any other necessary information. In some cases, the introduction may be so broad that it requires subheadings.

The next several parts may be described as the body of the paper. First is the description of the methods used to conduct research as well as how the data was analyzed. One must ensure to provide a detailed description. Then comes a presentation of the findings. This is usually just raw data. Then comes the heart of the body which is the discussion. This is where the reader understands what the raw data means as well as the implications and why they are like they are.

Just like the essay, a report has a conclusion. Although the conclusion here will include some recommendations. The paper might also have some appendices which include information that is relevant but not quite necessary. At Custom Scholars, you will get affordable assignment help with your reports from qualified professionals.


A literature review may be part of another paper or it may be the paper on its own. As a full paper, the aim is to discuss the available resources on a particular topic. As part of a per, it is used to highlight the gaps in knowledge hence demonstrating the significance of the current paper.

To write a literature review, you first need to decide on the research question. This is different from the topic. It points the research towards a specific area. The next thing to do is search the available literature. Remember to take notes as you go. Then, you have to organize your material. Finally, once you have everything, you are ready to write the review.

Just like the essay, it has three main parts. First is the introduction which mentions what will be covered in the review. It is usually shorter than in other papers. Then comes the body which presents the resources being discussed and how they relate to the research question. As is expected, the final part of the structure is the conclusion.

It is very easy to be confused by the literature review especially if it is given as a sole assignment. You may feel the need to stretch it out. But really, all you need to do is find more literature concerning the research question. Affordable assignment help not just handles the assignment for you, it also helps you learn how to do it on your own. Note that you can get affordable assignment help for individual parts of an assignment.


The best way to learn how to tackle an annotated bibliography is to study samples. It is the most mis-characterized assignment. The name alone makes it seem very complex. But, it is actually quite simple and enjoyable to do. Unlike an essay or literature review, which synthesizes different sources and integrates them into one discussion about a topic, an annotated bibliography summarizes and critiques each reading separately. Each reading is usually presented in alphabetical order depending on the first letter of the lead author’s surname.

The aim is to summarize main points in the resource, evaluate strengths and discuss how it fits into the paper. Therefore, you will need to include the reference details in the prescribed style. Next, you need to summarize the contents of the literature. Depending on how much word limit you have to play with, this can be as brief as one sentence. Then, you will critique by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses. Pay special attention to bias and any elements you think the author should have included.  Finally, you have to conclude in one or two sentences.


Reflective writing should be both descriptive, and analytical. As well as describing what happened, you should also explain things like how you felt about it and why you think it was so as well as what you think should have been done differently.

In some cases, the professor will guide on the structure to follow. If not, you can follow one of the common ones. Our affordable assignment help service uses a three-step process that starts with ‘what’ followed by ‘so what’ and finally, ‘now what’. In essence, a reflective paper should start with a description followed by feelings then an evaluation after which comes analysis and conclusion. It ends in an action plan.


Identify the differences between a case study and other types of reports, and develop the skill of analyzing the essential aspects of the case. Generally, a case study requires you to integrate practice and theory, so that you can relate theoretical concepts to real-life practical/professional situations.

A case can be an event, a happening, a person or group of people, an object, a text, an idea or an institution, etc.  You are analyzing the case by mapping it against a theoretical explanation, in order to understand and see the big picture – What has happened? Why has it happened?

It can be in the form of an essay or a report(check the assignment question and check with your lecturer/tutor). You may be asked to identify issues in the case or solutions or even to make recommendations for the case. Understanding the instructions is integral.

A case study has three major elements. The first is problem identification. To start, you need to identify the overview of the case study. This will lead to the identification of the problem. Once you have, you should understand then summarize them. Then try to identify relevant theories and tie the problems to theories.

The second is proposing solutions to the identified problems. In this second section, you should exhibit rationality in your proposals. You should also make sure to provide the merit and demerit of each solution as well as any resources required to execute it. Make sure to keep the major resources like time, cost and expertise in mind as you propose your solutions.

The final element is the recommendations. Examine the solutions and recommend the most sound one of the choices. You should be realistic and practical. The solution you recommend should also be feasible and achievable. It should also be supported by theory.

When you are asked to write a case study, you will need affordable assignment help so that you may avoid common mistakes like misunderstanding the case or oversimplifying problems. You will also avoid making unrealistic recommendations that will highlight your ineptitude. Affordable assignment help will also ensure depth in interpretation which is important.


affordable assignment help

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Making a Powerpoint presentation is a skill that students from all academic levels must possess. It will not only be useful in school but also later in professional life. At the very least, everyone should be familiar with and capable of creating a basic presentation. In the advanced levels of academics, making a presentation on PowerPoint is frequently used to present crucial information regarding research or a project. It allows a clear understanding of the fundamental principles and arguments of an elaborate task. Powerpoint is a comparatively simple technique of presenting the details.

Today academic assignments are no longer focused on writing, students are encouraged to take up the alternative methods of assignments, and Powerpoint presentation happens to be one of them. At Custom Scholars, we are committed to offering affordable assignment help in all forms.

8. Proofreading and Editing

Our assignment proofreading combines traditional proofreading with light copy editing to make sure you can express yourself clearly. And we always follow academic plagiarism guidelines, so we will never make changes that could be considered cheating. If you need more assistance with any other documents, though, we do offer editing services for non-student writing as well. Your order for affordable assignment help is inclusive of this service. However, you can also request editing on a paper you have already written, it is still considered part of affordable assignment help.


affordable assignment help

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The eight are just the tip of the ice-berg that is affordable assignment help at Custom Scholars. We offer a lot more than that. Any help you need with your homework, we can handle it. Trust us to have your back because we do. Believe us when we promise to deliver quality affordable assignment help on time because we will. Stay calm when our affordable assignment help service has your back.

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