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The Best Dissertation Writers from the No. 1 Service

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University education is important. It opens big doors for you especially if you do not come from an affluent family. You get to network and meet people who might be useful in the future. This is in addition to the qualifications.

Life in college can be a lot of fun. It can also be quite stressful. There is so much pressure from every professor to excel in their course. If you feel helpless and have the urge to give up, you are not alone, It affects the best of us. All of this can cause you so much anxiety that you have trouble writing your dissertation. When this happens, hire the best dissertation writers at Custom Scholars and let them take over the wheel.

A dissertation is a summary of all your knowledge and skills, whether you are finishing a master’s degree or a PhD the work can get overwhelming, but there is no need to panic! Would you believe it is easy to get help from a team of the best dissertation writers who specialize in your field? You can hire one of the best dissertation writers without leaving your home by going online!

Our dissertation writing service will do all the work for you no questions asked. Instead of stressing over your dissertation, allow experienced qualified authors to take the stage for you!


To show things in perspective we boast thousands of clients who have entrusted their PhDs to our team of the best dissertation writers. These clients went on to successfully defend their thesis and gain their respected degrees – that is quite an achievement for our writing service!

Some of our features include:

  • 24/7 support.

We do not believe in doing things halfway. We believe that for one to join the best dissertation writers club, they have to demonstrate the markers of professionalism in the industry. One of those markers is consistent and constant availability. We are always online waiting on you. We will always have one of the best dissertation writers available to handle your paper.

  • Strict confidentiality.

The idea behind confidentiality is not to keep secrets so no one knows. It is to ensure the protection of intellectual property. It is also to protect your privacy. The best dissertation writers understand this fact and are very keen on maintaining confidentiality. We believe in and enforce professional conduct.

  • Writing, editing, and proofreading services.

In addition to having the best dissertation writers in the business, we also have a team of editors. They work tirelessly to ensure that any paper delivered to a client is spotless. They ensure that not only has the paper been done to the highest standards but that it is satisfactory to you. You can also ask us to edit your paper after you have written it. We only charge a small fee for it. Otherwise, the service comes free with your request for one of the best dissertation writers.

  • Affordable pricing.

The best does not have to break the bank. The best dissertation writers at Custom Scholars do not demand an arm and a leg to write your paper. Our fees are fair to both of us. The writers are fairly compensated and you do not go bankrupt in pursuit of academic excellence. It is a win-win for all of us.

It is perfectly normal for you to be apprehensive of such services. Especially if none of your friends have admitted to using a service that claimed to have the best dissertation writers (many have) and you are planning to place an order for the first time.  You are welcome to search for reviews of our service and individual writers online.

We are genuine leaders of the market and are always open to feedback from our customers, whom we value above all else. Perhaps you do not have a dissertation but are interested to buy a literature review to try our services. We offer a myriad of other services. We guarantee you will be happy with the result!


We appreciate the complexity of writing a thesis and are familiar with the grading guidelines of academic institutions. Our writing company allows you to employ the best dissertation writers in the industry ensuring your work will come out to the highest standard. Every time!

Writing a dissertation is a challenge to most students at college or university, but not for our experts who have written many research projects and other complex assignments. Depending on your field, there are over 200 Ph.D. writers ready to take on your task, however difficult it may appear. Our best dissertation writers for hire are always up to par.

The qualifications that allow them to approach any assignment with confidence include the following:

  • Qualifying traits

It is not enough that the best dissertation writers should be able to string together words for a logical statement. Most people can do that. It is a minimum requirement though. Your best dissertation writer is not one worth spending money on without the qualifications. The writer should be well and vastly trained in their field of study.

We hire people with certification from accredited institutions. People whose proficiency in their fields of study is second to none. Whomever we assign to your order, you can be assured, will know their stuff. They will be able to not only understand the material but also help you get a better grasp of your coursework.

  • Fulfill task requirements

The task requirements are met to direct you to achieve complete satisfaction of the client’s needs. If you do not pay attention to the instructions then you risk rejection or countless revisions. Those can be very annoying. Those instructions are not meant for amusement. They are not suggestions. Instructions are meant to help the reader get the intended use out of it.

A person worth being labeled one of the best dissertation writers should understand this very well. Our best dissertation writers take the time to understand and may even discuss your instructions with you. We have a quality assurance team whose sole purpose is to ensure that you will be completely satisfied.

  • They should be experienced

In some cases, experience is much more valuable than academic qualification. Without the experience, even the most well-trained person will be useless to you. You might as well do it yourself. You want a writer who has been at it for a long time. You do not want a writer who will feel the intense pressure of a looming deadline. You want a writer who is used to the heat of tight deadlines.

The quality should not be compromised by the sound of a ticking clock. Our best dissertation writers have to demonstrate the ability to work well and be excellent even under the most intense pressures before we hire them. We put a lot of emphasis on our writers’ experience when hiring them.


  • They should produce good quality

The quality of academic writing is pegged on several factors from material to structuring and other factors. Good quality assignments are factual. They are done according to specifications. They have depth and are well researched. They are submitted on time. Your best dissertation writer should be able to deliver all of these and more. You want a dissertation writer who will fulfill all your academic writing needs no matter the level of difficulty, time of day, or deadline.


  • The writer should be a native speaker

This may seem unnecessary but it is important for two reasons. First, your writer should be a native speaker because then they can understand your instructions. They will be able to ask all the right questions. Second, a native speaker can write in the language better. We have a global presence. We have the best dissertation writers who are native speakers of different languages. This means that wherever you are in the world, we can serve you. There is a professional dissertation writer just waiting to help with your assignment.

  • They should be responsible

You do not want to work with someone you cannot rely on. A dissertation writing service should be your partner. Your professional dissertation writer should be the one holding the other end of your course load. What happens if you cannot trust the person on the other side to keep holding on? What happens if you are constantly afraid that they will drop the load on your toes? You want a professional academic writer who knows their responsibility and takes it seriously.

  • They should achieve originality

Every paper should be done from scratch. Your professional dissertation writer should not use templates or old assignments. They should be keen not to plagiarize. Plagiarism is achieved by failure to cite and reference properly. It is also achieved by copying and pasting sources. You want a custom-written paper. You want the best dissertation writers with the capacity to deliver an original paper no matter how many people have placed a similar order.

  • Confidentiality

We like to maintain your anonymity. We want to keep your engagement with us private. Your best dissertation writers should understand the importance of this. You do not want a writer who will reveal your conversations to third parties. You should seek this attention to privacy from the dissertation writing service as a whole.

  • They should welcome your input

Artists usually like to be left to their own devices. However, dissertation writing requires a lot of direction from the client. It requires the client’s input and suggestions. You want the best dissertation writers who are glad to involve you. One who not only appreciates your input but seeks it. Academic writing is all about pleasing the client and making sure they get the best possible grade. It is not about artistic instinct. Get a writer who will be glad to collaborate with you on the paper.

  • In-depth research

Your writer should take the time to research their material. This is incredibly important as good research is another hallmark of quality assignments. Academic writing is rarely ever about opinion and always about facts. These facts have to be backed by evidence. This is what your expert should be able to do. They should be able to do enough research that the paper they deliver is heavily colored with evidence. The expert dissertation writer can only do the right kind of research if they understand the instructions given.

Custom Scholars always lives up to our customers’ expectations and take pride in our reputation of being a reliable writing service with the best dissertation writers on the net.


Our dissertation writers can help at any stage of writing your thesis. Whether you have just received the instruction and feel completely in the dark, or you just require some magic finishing touches to get that top grade confidently, if you hire one of our best dissertation writers, you will not regret your decision. There is a lot to be learned from it! Even if you need a specific chapter, an introduction, methodology, or discussion section, you can rely on our professional writing service to deliver the desired result.

We handle dissertation papers in basically all subjects under the sun. Our team of the best dissertation writers comprises of experts from different fields. This allows us to undertake almost any task. Quite a range! It is evident you can find your best dissertation writer that will deliver and exceed your expectations. When selecting your writer, pay attention to the reviews and ratings. While there might be several experts in your subjects, some of them may have more expertise in the particular topic you are investigating. Communicate with a few selected writers to get an idea of who offers the most.

Because your dissertation is an important project that will define the rest of your life, it is advisable to approach it in an organized way, allowing sufficient time for its writing, editing, proofreading, and subsequent revision with the supervisor. We advise placing your order as early as possible because it will give the writer more time to do the research and consult you on the more ambiguous points. You also need to be familiar with write a dissertation for me to defend it. Even urgent orders will be performed to the highest standard before the deadline; they will, however, cost you more due to time constraints.


What you get from our essay writing service

Basic features
  • Free title page and bibliography
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
On-demand options
  • Writer’s samples
  • Part-by-part delivery
  • Overnight delivery
  • Copies of used sources
  • Expert Proofreading
Paper format
  • 275 words per page
  • 12 pt Arial/Times New Roman
  • Double line spacing
  • Any citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard)

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