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A guide on how to write a biography essay

A guide on how to write a biography essay



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A guide on how to write a biography essay
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One of the tasks you must perform as a student to finish your academic degree is writing a biography essay. Some students, particularly those who lack the time and writing skills, find it challenging to create papers that live up to their schools’ requirements.


You will learn in-depth advice on how to write a biography essay in this manual. Let’s get started!


Describe the biography essay.

An essay that recounts a life story is referred to as a biography essay. Your subject can be a politician, an author, a musician, or an inventor. You must choose an intriguing subject that has some bearing on society if you want to write a great biography.

Biography Essay Writing


The Best Way to Begin a Biography Essay

If you don’t know where to begin, writing a biography might be challenging. If you are up against such a barrier, don’t panic; the instructions below will be very beneficial to you.


Pick a life-related topic that is both appropriate and interesting. Make notes about the person’s life after choosing the topic.

To obtain sufficient information, conduct in-depth research on the subject.

Draw a conclusion about the character features and social contributions of the person. Finally, using the data you have acquired, you can create a biographical essay about the subject.

Biography essay examples

The correct writing abilities must first be attained if you wish to become a great writer. In order to become familiar with diverse characters, you must also read through several internet essay examples. You might browse websites for expert writers, like custom scholars , to get acquainted with these samples.


Here is an illustration of a biographical essay.


Gabriela Emma’s biography as a personal trainer

For the past ten years, Gabriela Emma has worked as a personal trainer in New York City. Her workouts are quite effective. Her clientele come from a variety of professions, including teachers, musicians, legislators, bankers, lawyers, and business people.


She has implemented distinctive fitness regimens that are customized for particular clients because she deals with a diverse audience. For clients who are overweight or obese, for example, she primarily uses aerobic workouts. For customers who wish to either add muscle or maintain their level of fitness, she uses body toning, stretches, and strength exercises.

Because of her reputation as a fitness professional, Gabriela has been able to be featured in well-known magazines both domestically and abroad. Many aspiring trainers have been inspired by her innovative approach to training and have been studying her techniques on websites like YouTube.


Gabriela received her BS in sports science from New York State University in 2010; she was born in Florida in 1985. She became interested in modeling after graduating and decided to pursue it as a career. She worked for renowned designers as a result, and in the US, Europe, and Africa, she was featured in publications and on billboards.

Gabriela adopted fitness and began working out in the neighborhood gyms in order to preserve her modeling and fitness level. She later married, and she is now the mother of two sons. She occasionally finds it difficult to reconcile her professional and family obligations, but she must nonetheless do it.

She has improved many people’s fitness lives with her 10+ years of experience. She works as a writer and consultant for fitness products and promotional videos outside of the gym. She not only works at the gym but also hosts numerous fitness shows on numerous TVs and participates in fitness lifestyle modeling.


Essay Format for Biographies

The proper format must be followed, as detailed below, if you wish to write a fantastic biography essay.


The introductory

Giving thorough background information on your subject should be included in the introduction. Additionally, the introduction should pique the interest of your audience and entice them to read the remainder of the essay. If you want to write a compelling introduction, you should use the strategies listed below: start with a quote about your subject, tell a compelling tale about them, or discuss their accomplishment.


A thesis statement

An notion or argument that serves as the paper’s main tenet is referred to as the thesis statement. The statement which explains your perspective on the subject, is placed in the introduction to make it clear to the readers what position you have adopted. To further underline the key point of the essay to your audience, include a thesis statement at the end.


You might also find it useful to use the Thesis Statement Generator to find more data.


Here’s an illustration of a thesis statement: “Dennis James was a wealthy man, but he was also a troubled individual, and his dreadful living habits may have contributed to his early passing.”


Body paragraphs

You should include the data you gathered during your research in the body paragraph. Depending on how many words are in each section, a section may be three or more.


Sections 1-3 may comprise the following if you are writing about a famous musician or other well-known figure.


first paragraph

You are permitted to discuss the subject’s early life and upbringing in paragraph one. Additionally, emphasize their academic career, from elementary school to college.


Second paragraph


The subject’s employment history and any other accomplishments should be covered in paragraph two.


Third paragraph

In the third paragraph, emphasize the person’s contributions to society and demonstrate how their participation has influenced the neighborhood. If they are deceased, you may also highlight the details of their demise here.



The essential points of your paper’s primary ideas should be summarized in the conclusion. Showing how the subject’s role has impacted people’s ways of living can help you conclude your essay effectively.

The following points should be included in an exceptional conclusion.

The type of contribution the individual produced in their field should demonstrate the importance of their work in the present.


Display their legacy and the way you will remember them.

In particular when writing papers, knowing what to include in a biography can be helpful to you. Highlight the kind of people they had a significant impact on. An outstanding essay must include an introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, it is vital to remember this.


You may also read our wonderful advice on how to structure an essay.


You must understand what a biography essay is before you can begin writing articles on significant individuals. The greatest approach to get off to a fantastic start is to understand what the essay signifies.


Biography Essay Infographic



Why Write a Biography Essay?

An essay on a biographer’s life is about that person’s life story. The goal of a biography essay is to help the reader comprehend what your subject did and how important their contribution was.


Biographies essays are a great way for many people to learn about well-known persons who have accomplished great things. The reader’s inspiration from these revelations may even cause them to alter their behavior.


In contrast to other essays, a biography essay is written using historical data and is intended to provide an overview of a subject using neutral language. As you write a biography essay, keep the following crucial considerations in mind.


It is a real account.

A biographical essay tells the true account of a person’s life. Therefore, when writing it, be sure to provide factual information that is substantiated.


A narrative about a famous or renowned individual

A biography essay typically involves telling a story about a well-known individual and demonstrating the value of their lifestyle to society.


History and culture

Essays on biographies are important for highlighting the lives of well-known persons in society, just like history. One of the finest methods to preserve cultural memory is to tell the stories of famous people. For instance, notable heroes like Martin Luther were profiled because of their crucial contributions to the community.


You must tell someone’s story based on their cultural experiences in order to write a successful cultural biography. As a result, you must research the person’s conventional upbringing. If you can, you should also consider interviewing the person to get more in-depth information.

It is important to understand that contemporary biography articles are scholarly and impartial in nature. These articles are also written using logic rather than fantasy.


What Makes a Good Biography Essay?

There are a few elements you must use if you want to write a great biography essay, as explained below.


Story arc that is linear

A linear narrative arc describes telling a person’s life story from birth through their education, employment, and death.


Essay topic

The famous person you are writing about is the subject of a biography essay. Make sure you choose a pertinent, important subject for your essay. Find out why the topic merits writing about by doing some research. A biography essay typically profiles a person who has achieved particular success in their field.


It is important to understand that the subject of your biography essay need not be a well-known person; rather, anyone would do as long as their life narrative is interesting.


life experiences

Keep in mind that a lot can happen to someone in their lifetime. Select key moments from someone’s life and emphasize them when writing a biography. Taking birth, marriage, job, and death as examples, you might focus on these issues.


The Art of the Great Biography Essay

You can write a fantastic biography essay by using the following procedures.


Define the subject matter of your biography essay.

Not all aspects of a person’s life must be covered in a biography essay. As a result, specify the essay’s focus; for instance, you can choose to describe what happened between the subject’s birth and death. Then you can select other significant moments in the person’s life.


Explain the specifics

You can start making an outline for your essay once you’ve selected the subject and decided how extensive to make it. This plan is crucial since it outlines your starting point and ending point.


Identify and gather credible sources

You must only utilize verifiable, factual information while narrating about your subject. It is crucial to choose and list the sources of the data you use in the paper. Additionally, because it might be difficult to determine the sources of online information, avoid using it. Scholarly sources, such journal articles and books, are advised for use.


Clarify Your Writing

Remember that the goal of a biography essay is to persuade your reader of the merits of the topic you are writing about by informing and convincing them. You must choose a topic that greatly interests you in order to write a clear and appealing story.


Additionally, you must use suitable intellectual language in order to write an engaging account. In order to effectively convey the tale of your subject, make sure you use the appropriate sentence structure and word choice.


Additional details on the recommended procedures for writing biography essays


The following list of ideal practices for creating a biography essay will help you get started.


Pick a sensible arc.

The format of an excellent biography essay should follow a linear narrative pattern, starting with the subject’s birth and ending with their passing. In addition, you should concentrate on their lifetime achievements and key moments.


Enjoy your topic

Pick a topic you are passionate about if you want to write a great essay. Your writing will be more fun if you have an intriguing subject to write about, and you’ll be better equipped to write in a way that your readers will love reading.


Contact experienced writers for assistance.

Even if you are familiar with the format, writing a biography is not an easy task. You might seek assistance from a reputable writing service if you need to create such a paper but are stuck.

Biography Essay Vs Narrative Essay

You should become familiar with such important academic assignments as biographies and narrative essays. You can gain a better understanding of their distinctions by reading the description provided below.


A biography essay’s goal is to provide an engaging account of the life of a well-known person, whereas a narrative essay’s goal is to describe a personal experience.

While a narrative essay might be promoted in newspaper columns or select publications, a biography essay can be published in historical or cultural journals.

Essays about biographies are usually written in the third person and are objectively constructed. Essays about a personal experience are written in the first person and are subjective.

How to Complete Your Biography Essay

A summary of what you should do to end your paper well is provided below.


editing and checking for errors

Once you’ve finished writing your draft, proofread it for grammar faults and make any necessary corrections to wordy or incorrectly punctuated sentences. Read the material aloud to check that everything is in order and see if the organization is clear.


Request for comments

The greatest way to get other people’s opinions is to let them read your article and point out any errors. Then, in order to improve your paper, it is critical to accept and apply all of their recommendations.

Cite your references, then create a bibliography.

Citing and referencing all of your sources is essential when writing a biography essay. The best way to give credit to the information’s original sources is to use citations.


Conclusion to a Biography Essay

An engaging account of someone’s life is referred to as a biography essay. It should be noted that these articles mention well-known individuals, including musicians, politicians, artists, and innovators. Remember that anyone can be the subject of a biography as long as you have a good reason to tell their tale, even if they are not well-known. A biography has an introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, just like other writings.





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