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complete guidelines for writing a formal resignation letter

resignation note

It may seem easy to write a resignation letter, but if you don’t know how to style one, it might be difficult. You can learn about several parts of writing this paper in this guide. Let’s go!


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complete guidelines for writing a formal resignation letter
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Table of Contents

A resignation letter is what, exactly?

Your intention to leave the company where you are employed is expressed in a resignation letter. Keep in mind that you can formally advise your supervisor of the precise date of your departure with this letter, as well as important information about the circumstances surrounding your decision to leave.


Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

The highlights of what should be in a resignation letter are as follows.

1. Desire to depart

Your employer should receive a proper resignation letter from you as soon as you decide to quit. In situations without a written contract, you can typically give your employer a two-week notice.


To prevent your manager from speculating about your reasons for leaving, make sure to express your resignation precisely. The following are a few ways you can let others know you want to depart.


Please acknowledge receiving this letter, which serves as my notice of resignation from my job as.

“I regretfully submit my resignation as……….”

2. your final working day

An employee’s last day of employment and other information are included in a resignation letter. This disclosure is essential for facilitating the transition for both the company and the employee.

3. Highlight the motives for departing.

It’s important but not required to explain your decision to leave. You don’t need to mention it in your resignation letter if you’re quitting because you disagree with your employer’s terms of employment. You can specify in the letter if your departure is being made for academic, personal, or move to a better place. Being polite to your employer means disclosing the details of your resignation.

4. Offer to assist with the switchover

It’s critical to offer to assist with the transition, especially if you occupy a job that would be challenging to fill. You may offer to find or train someone to take your place after you leave, for instance. This is the finest method to improve respect between you and your employer, especially after the change.

5. Thank the employer for the opportunity.

Don’t include any nasty remarks in your resignation. It is essential to emphasize the fulfilling experiences you have had at work. Describe how the position has impacted your career to the point where you are qualified for a better one.


Here are some examples of ways to express gratitude to your employer.


“I’d like to thank you very much for the experience I’ve gained through playing this role.”

“I appreciate the help you gave me to be successful in my position,” the person said.

6. Finish your letter by being considerate.

A strong letter conclusion demonstrates your concern for your employer’s future success and your willingness to assist them both before and after your departure. Your contact information must be included in the resignation in order for your employer to contact you in the future.

7. nice conclusion

Use a kind comment to express your appreciation for the company when you end your letter. For instance, you could preface your name with words like “Kind Regards” or “Yours faithfully.”


How to Compose a Resignation Email

There may be occasions when circumstances prevent you from resigning in the traditional manner. For instance, if you are far away, it will be preferable to resign via email.


The following pointers might assist you in creating a fantastic email resignation letter.

1. Give two weeks’ notice.

It’s crucial to give your company advance notice of your day departure—at least two weeks. Sending out a notice enables your employer to start critical preparations for finding a replacement for you.

2. Make your email subject line brief.

Use a straightforward subject, such “Resignation,” so that your employer can easily identify the message.

3. List the date when you want to depart.

Make sure to indicate the date you will be leaving the company so they can make the necessary preparations for your replacement.

4. Keep your message brief and clear.

Please refrain from explaining why you are leaving and what you plan to accomplish. If the explanation for your leave won’t make your supervisor angry, you may provide a brief narrative instead. You may say, for instance, that you’re departing to pursue additional education.

5. Show appreciation

Don’t make any negative comments in the email; instead, focus on the good things the company has done for you. To your future advantage, you should keep a friendly relationship with your supervisor.

6. Provide assistance

You can recommend lending a hand to your employer throughout the notice period. For instance, you could offer to mentor the person who will take your place. If at all feasible, let people know that you’ll be available to answer inquiries even after you leave.

7. Submit inquiries

It’s important to make essential inquiries, especially regarding your final compensation.

8. Provide a contact address.

Giving your employer your phone number or email address so they may contact you in case of anything is essential if you want to improve future communication with your company.

9. Check the email for errors.

Check your email for typos and grammar mistakes after you’ve written it before sending. You could get the help of your coworkers to update it.


What Should Be Left Out of a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter serves as an official statement of your plan to leave your position. You should refrain from criticizing or griping about your workplace in order to write a great letter.


When to Give Your Employer a Resignation Letter

It is best to submit your resignation letter in advance of your departure date. Any other period specified in your contract, such as two weeks, may also be used as your notice period. Also, keep in mind that you have the option to quit immediately if necessary.


You should give your supervisor a hard copy of the letter if you work together in the same space. However, you can quit via email if your duty station is elsewhere.


A Step-by-Step Guide for Writing a Resignation Letter

The essential actions you should take while writing a resignation letter are listed below.

crucial step to take when composing a resignation letter

1. Identify yourself

Your position and the company you work for should be stated at the start of the letter. After that, let your manager know when your engagement will end so that they can prepare for your transition.

2. Think about the positives

It is important to thank your employer for all that they have done for you during your time of employment. For instance, mention the degree of personal growth and experiences you have gained from your supervisor. Additionally, express your gratitude to your company for creating a pleasant work atmosphere.


In addition, provided the cause for your leaving is not incongruous, you may disclose your destination under this clause. If you’re leaving because you want to work for a rival company, don’t explain why.

3. Make a transition assistance offer

It is crucial to offer your aid in order to make the transfer simpler. Offering to teach your replacement or updating handover reports are two options.

4. list your responsibilities

It’s not necessary to describe the tasks you’ve been working on. The fact that your immediate manager might not be aware of all the duties you have been managing makes it imperative that you list all of your obligations.

5. Give your contact details.

Give your employer your personal contact information so they can contact you in the future if you wish to keep a good working relationship.

Professional Resignation Letter Template


Letter of Resignation Sample

If you don’t know how to approach it, it can occasionally be challenging to write a resignation letter. You can simplify your work by using the next template.


“Your Name


Call or email information




Supervisor’s Title


Name of the employer


City and State


Location, Zip Code


The name of your manager or supervisor




I’d like to inform you that, with effect from XXXX, I’m quitting my post as XXXX.


I’m grateful for your assistance over the last five years, and I can say with certainty that company Y has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge and experience. I feel honored to have worked for a company that is so encouraging.


Please be aware that before I leave, I am here to assist you in any way I can. I’m willing to train a replacement and update all the important documents pertaining to my responsibilities.


I want to thank you once more for giving me the opportunity to work with firm Y. I may be reached at XXX.


Yours sincerely


Adding your name (hard copy)


Your Name

Don’ts and Dos in resignation letters

The significance of resignation letters

The end of your job relationship professionally, you should issue a resignation letter.

Resigning through a message is a polite method to show that you care about how you terminate the connection. For the HR records to update payroll and for future reference, resignation letters are essential.


Guidelines for Resignation

It might be difficult to resign from a job, especially if you are emotionally unstable. The following highlights what you should do while writing the resignation letter and what you shouldn’t do.


These are the resignation guidelines.

1. Clean up your workspace.

Remove all personal files from your desktop and emails before you depart. Also, make sure you obtain the contact information for everybody you want to get in touch with.

2. Where applicable, provide notice.

In most cases, it’s advisable to give your employer at least two weeks’ notice so they can find a successor for you. You are, however, free to leave immediately if circumstances force you to.

3. Obtain important information

It is imperative that you include a request in your resignation letter for details on your final salary and other benefits. You can control your expectations and get ready to move on more easily with the aid of these details.

4. Offer to assist

Offer to assist your employer if you can both during and after the move. Don’t worry; the HR team will appreciate your suggestion even if it is rejected.

5. Request a referral

Ask your immediate boss to serve as your reference before you leave. You will use them in your subsequent job search if they agree.

6. Write a letter of resignation.

To make retaining records in your work file easier, you must resign through formal letter.


Resignation don’ts include the following.

1. Make positive comments only.

Make sure you don’t criticize your employer and keep your attention solely on the good. Remember that your job file will retain your resignation letter, so if you say anything unfavorable about your supervisor in it, it will come back to haunt you.

2. Avoid being sourpuss.

Avoid bringing up any negative things about your employer or your manager right before you leave. When you speak positively, your coworkers will perceive you favorably and you’ll develop a close working relationship.

3. Be careful not to brag about your new position.

Your coworkers will be envious of you if you brag about your new job. Simply lower your ego and depart.

4. Don’t forget to send a final message.

Send an email to your coworkers as a farewell note before you depart to let them know you will no longer be working with them. To make it easier for them to contact you in the future, make sure to include your contact information in the message you sent.


Letters of Resignation Examples

It might be challenging to write a resignation letter, especially if you are unfamiliar with its format. However, you can look at resignation examples online if you don’t know how to do it.


Some of the examples are listed below.


Example One of a Resignation Letter

Dear Mrs. Debbie,


Please take note that I am leaving my role as a credit administrator at Apex Bank. Tuesday, May 5 will be my last day of employment here.


I appreciate you allowing me to fill this position for the previous six years. I have a wealth of knowledge on the most effective lending and recovery techniques. I am confident that the abilities I have acquired will be very beneficial in my future undertakings.


I’m happy to teach any staff member to take my place while the changeover is taking place. I also vow to remain accessible to assist with anything after I leave.


I hope Apex Bank continues to prosper and I am confident we will stay in touch. Please get in touch with me at if you want to talk.


yours faithfully,


Sam Andrews


Example 2 of a Resignation Letter

Dear Mr.  Harold Iberly,


I’m writing to let you know that, as of June 30th, I will no longer be working with Frankfurt Consulting as their marketing manager.


I recently received a job offer to work as a senior manager for one of the local commercial banks. I’m excited to investigate this new potential as a result.


I am thankful that Frankfurt gave me the chance to work as a marketer since I have learned so much and experienced so much.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you during this time. I appreciate all of your assistance; please let’s stay in touch.


Sincere regards,


Jackson Dennis


Giving a Resignation Notice

Being forced to resign can be uncomfortable, especially if it’s your first time. You can do so formally by using the advice below.

1. First, let your immediate supervisor know.

Be sure to let your manager know first before resigning. Sharing specifics about the causes of your leave with them is optional.

2. Make a plan for the transition

To ensure a seamless transfer of your responsibilities, have a plan for how you will teach your replacement.

3. Be considerate

Keep your remarks regarding your employer or coworkers positive when presenting your resignation notice. It is advisable to concentrate on the satisfying encounters you had while there.

4. Consider maintaining contact

Please make sure to leave your coworkers a copy of your email before you leave. To improve communication going forward, especially after your departure, make a note of your coworkers’ contact information as well.


Lastly, some advice on composing a resignation letter

Using a resignation letter, you can formally notify your employer that you want to leave your position at a certain time. If your work contract doesn’t state differently, a notice period of two weeks is usually sufficient.


Intent to resign, justifications for your departure, an offer to assist the employer during the changeover, gratitude to your employer for the experiences you have gained, and a lovely closing statement are all things that should be included in a professional resignation letter.


It’s crucial to solely talk about your positive experiences with the organization when giving your resignation notice and to stay away from discussing any drawbacks. Keep in mind that writing a resignation letter can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. As a result, seeking assistance from professionals like Custom scholars writers is advised.


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