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Difference between Research Paper and Essay

Writing an essay and a research paper are two of the most common assignments in both high school and college. However, over time, students and writers in general have struggled to distinguish the two, causing confusion and even fear of the subject. The essay vs research paper debate can be easily explained and resolved in the following article, which contains very detailed and to-the-point information about each writing type and how they differ from one another. We should mention that if you are a student from anywhere in the world and need assistance with your assignment, you can order it from an online service like customscholars.com. College homework can be completed on a completely secure website.

You will learn enough about an essay and a research paper in this guide, and I’ll also walk you through the differences between the two.

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Difference between Research Paper and Essay
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What Is An Essay?

The most common school and college assignment is to compose an essay, but what exactly is it? An essay is a type of writing that allows students to demonstrate their understanding, cohesion, and critical thinking abilities on a specific topic. Typically, at the high school level, essay requirements call for a five-paragraph piece with an introduction, body, and conclusion. College essays are longer but follow the same structure, while more facts and academic performance are required.

There are various types of essays:

  • Narrative essay. This kind concentrates on the plot and gives students the opportunity to employ many writing tools, like flashbacks, flashforwards, and other imaginative elements that give the story complexity.
  • Descriptive essay. This type of essay, as the name implies, focuses on the details of a story, enhancing information to satisfy readers’ emotional and intellectual senses. Metaphors, connotative languages, and other writing tools are available to writers.
  • Comparison essay. This type of writing article contains two or more central points that are broken down and compared throughout the piece’s extension. Another type of this essay is a cause and effect topic, in which students can examine the consequences of specific actions or the likelihood of something occurring.
  • Academic essay. The academic essay is perhaps the most well-known type of essay, in which students are challenged to demonstrate competitive writing and analyzing skills, as well as exceptional grammar and proper literature review. Academic essays typically range in length from 3,000 to 5,000 words and require scholars to include the proper bibliography in the appropriate format (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.).
  • Argumentative essay. Argumentative essays require students to argue for a particular position and explain why they support it, using evidence and relevant information to persuade readers that they have valid reasons to support that cause.
  • Philosophical essay. Students are expected to write about a topic and support their views and opinions with logical reasons in this final type of essay.

The main goal of writing an essay is to:

  • Inform your readers
  • Persuade your audience
  • Explain a particular topic/subject to your readers
  • Entertainment

Although there are various types of essay articles, they all follow the same basic structure, which students can later improve and personalize in order to stand out from the crowd. For those who are new to this type of writing scheme and require assistance, here is a useful template that students can customize to fit their topic or arguments and deliver an award-winning essay.

  • Introduction: Introduce the topic of your essay and why it is important to discuss. Writers can include personal reasons for choosing the subject, as well as the methodology used and a
  • Body: The most common essay format consists of five paragraphs: one for the introduction, one for the conclusion, and three for the main body.
  1. First paragraph: This section follows the conclusion of the introduction, so it is critical to write smoothly in order to begin discussing the first point of the essay. Students can include background information and relevant issues here that will be discussed in depth later in the article
  2. Second paragraph: Following the introduction of pertinent points, the second paragraph serves as a backup space in which students should provide clear and official evidence to back up their statements.
  3. Third paragraph: This section is typically used to address counterclaims and arguments relevant to the topic chosen, which students must mention and properly dismiss or explain using evidence.
  4. Conclusion: A brief overview of the paper, outlining key points or arguments, is usually followed by encouraging words  to readers to continue learning about the topic by providing a suggested reading list.

Essays are not as difficult to write as many people believe; however, they do necessitate some “non-negotiable” structure, such as the one mentioned above, as well as appropriate information and evidence. Spending time drafting an essay will ensure a good result and make a student’s task easier.

What Is A Research Paper?

A research paper is an essay in which you explain what you learned after thoroughly researching your topic. Research papers are required to assess a student’s analytical skills, and they must include a diverse range of information to demonstrate the writer’s expertise on the topic chosen. To back up the claims made in the paper, data, graphics, facts, statistics, and other forms of verified information are used.

Different Types Of Research Papers

To provide an academic-worthy paper writing service, it is necessary to first determine what type of research paper is required and the best way to begin writing it. Before beginning the research and writing process, it is recommended that writers create a brief outline of what the paper should be about or the topics that must not be forgotten in order to have some structure.

  1. Analytical research paper. used for in-depth analysis of a subject, usually exposing different points of view equally while offering facts and reliable data.
  2. Argumentative research paper. It takes a lot of time to write and requires an argument and proper investigation of a subject.
  3. Informative research paper. Used to provide readers with generalized information about a specific subject in a shorter length than a typical research paper.
  4. Persuasive research paper. As the title suggests, the main goal of this paper is to persuade the reader to think like the writer, who can demonstrate their incredible writing skills and abilities through this writing method.

Writers who are assigned to write a research paper must follow a structure that is similar to but not identical to that of an essay. Here’s a useful template that can be modified and filled out to meet the needs of a professor.

  • Page title: Another distinction between an essay and a research paper is the first section, in which students must devote a page to addressing the title chosen for the paper as well as writing their contact information (usually their full name, email address and class they attend).
  • Abstract: An abstract serves as a summary of the paper, emphasizing key points and pertinent information discussed in the piece.
  • Introduction: Introduce the topic and explain why it is important to discuss. This section should be very entertaining and engaging for readers.
  • Background: Following the introduction, the writer should include appropriate background information or a literary review that readers can use to better understand the topic before delving into the complex details of the research. This section also serves as evidence of a student’s knowledge and understanding of the chosen subject.
  • Body: The body of a research paper can be divided into as many paragraphs as necessary while keeping the length requirements in mind (meaning that if a professor asked for a 5-page research paper students can decide how to structure their piece accordingly). Consider writing a new paragraph for each new point or perspective added, such as materials used, discussion, results, and so on.
  • Conclusion: A summary of the research paper, concluding with the findings and a literature recommendation for readers to continue researching the topic explained.
  • Acknowledgments: Most research papers include this section to thank people for their assistance and contributions to the piece.
  • References: In this section, all information used should be properly cited in accordance with the format specified (MLA, Harvard, APA, etc). Most professors will want this list in alphabetical order, while others will want it in order of appearance, so students should check with their professors to avoid any misunderstandings.

Why write a research paper?

  1. It is an avenue of enhancing public awareness
  2. Can be used to acquire knowledge through learning
  3. Research can help to boost business success

Essay VS Research Paper

Students who are unsure of the distinction between an essay and a research paper will find this section extremely helpful. The essay vs research paper debate is easily resolved in the table below, which explains 10 key points of distinction to put an end to the age-old debate between the two types of writing.

EssayResearch Paper
1. An essay is usually 5 paragraphs long, as opposed to a research paper.1. Depending on the assignment, a research paper should be at least 8 pages long.
2. Essays present a student’s opinion and points of view, which can be supported by multiple sources.2. Research articles present the viewpoint of others on a topic, typically that of a scientist or a recognized organization.  
3. This writing service does not typically necessitate extensive research.3. As the name implies, an analytical research paper necessitates a thorough understanding and investigation of a specific topic.
4. The main purpose of an essay is to demonstrate a student’s writing skills and abilities.  4. The deep analysis of a topic is the main emphasis of research papers.
5. Students may or may not need prior knowledge of the selected topic, depending on the sort of essay.5. Students who are writing research papers always need to have a basic comprehension of the subject and the sources they are using.  
6. Essays can reveal a writer’s viewpoint if they so choose.6. Authors should refrain from including their own thoughts and stick to reporting the facts exclusively.
7. In some circumstances, students are free to experiment with the paper’s organization and appearance.7. There is a set format that must be adhered to and completed with an appropriate conclusion.
8. There are other essay types, including argumentative, academic, philosophical, descriptive, and narrative.8. Research paper types, including analytical, cause-and-effect, and topic-based studies.
9. Essays usually consist of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.9. Includes a title page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, acknowledgments, and references in addition to its more complex structure.
10. There is no set approach that essays must use in order to be written.10. A certain methodology must be used throughout a research article.
Essay VS Research Paper
A comparison between an essay and a research paper
Essay VS Research Paper

There are certain similarities between an essay and a research paper that make it difficult to tell them apart. Understanding their differences is essential for learners to prevent confusion when writing.

Both types of assignments typically call for distinct research complexity and skill sets. Essays are more concise and are intended to provide the writer’s viewpoint together with evidence. Research papers are more complicated and need in-depth investigation of the subject, as well as the presentation of other scientists’ perspectives and the writer’s own conclusion. If you need assistance with any of your college tasks, you may order custom essays from our writing service. We can deal with any style of paper on any subject and deliver top-notch work on schedule.

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