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When certain things are actually only creations and imagination, online information might easily persuade you that they exist. For instance, watching extraterrestrial movies might be so compelling that you start to believe that these fictional characters actually exist. What is the formula? The individuals who create the movies have mastered the art of persuasion; they employ strategies that will rapidly and satisfactorily persuade you. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from a professional writing service like custom scholars if you are unfamiliar with how to write a persuasive essay.

You can perfect your persuasive essay writing by using the key components listed in this article. Your craft will be improved, and the manual covers a variety of topics related to writing persuasive essays.

How Do You Write a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay uses a writing style that aims to spark discussion on a certain subject. This writing exercise requires students to adopt a strong position on a particular issue or cause and to support it with clever justifications. The goal is to convince the reader that the author’s viewpoint is legitimate and that it should be followed.


Alternatively, we could argue that writing persuasive essays is a type of academic writing assignment given to students in universities and colleges with the main goal of convincing readers that a particular point of view is accurate. In order to remove any potential for reader confusion about the essay, authors frequently work hard to include specific examples of evidence and references.


Is Writing a Persuasive Essay Important?

Writing persuasive essays is a typical assignment in universities that keeps students interested and active in their coursework. In general, essay writing is important writing that fosters the growth of several crucial skills, including investigation, critical thinking, and the capacity for drawing conclusions based on facts, among others.


Format for a Persuasive Essay

The general basic structure of persuasive papers is as follows:


The standard format is Times New Roman, although you can alternatively use Georgia or Arial. Contrarily, the font size for the headline(s) should be 16 points, while the font size for the remaining text should be 12 points.

The spacing should be double, or in some situations 1.5, and the alignment should be justified.

Word count: in general, word counts should be between 500 and 2000, however you should consult your teacher’s instructions to determine the appropriate word count for your work.


Understanding Persuasive Essay Topics

Before selecting a topic for your essay, make sure to brainstorm a variety of ideas. Then, pick a subject that has a wide range of opposing viewpoints that you can cover in-depth. Consider the issues of missile control and abortion rights as an illustration. These subjects will allow you to argue your arguments in more detail when writing the essay. Please take note that occasionally a dissertation assignment will be more appropriate for the offered topic examples than a standard essay.

Remember that persuasive essays are all about your point of view, so look for solid subjects that you are knowledgeable about. When you choose a relevant topic, you may speak convincingly for or against it. Good persuasive essays are frequently grounded in personal experiences and point readers toward pressing social issues that many authors have long disregarded. Your essay is more likely to be accepted by everyone when it addresses the most important feature of mankind. Readers connect better with situations they can relate to on a personal level.

Similar to other types of essays, persuasive essays have a standard format that is made up of three key components: an introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion. Please keep in mind that each element is essential and has a big impact on how logical and readable your article is. Additionally, you must adhere to the MLA or APA citation styles when writing your paper in accordance with the usual persuasive format.


Creating an Outline for a Persuasive Essay

When creating persuasive essays, an outline is one of the most important steps. You can rapidly arrange your thoughts and ideas when you have a plan, which will make the writing process quite easy. This phase must be taken carefully if you wish to write with solid concept organisation.


An introduction, the main body of the essay, and a conclusion make up the traditional format of persuasive essays, much like all other types of essays. Please keep in mind that every part is important and contributes significantly to the readability and coherence of your paper. Additionally, you must adhere to the MLA or APA citation styles and the conventional persuasive format when writing your paper.


process essay outline

outline of process essay


Your outline should include the following:


The introduction should have a hook, background information about your subject, and a strong thesis statement. You should be aware that the major function of the introductory paragraph is to establish your main idea in the reader’s mind and clarify your aim. As a result, your introduction should be clear, succinct, and interesting. The reader’s attention should be your primary concern at this stage, and you should also help them understand the context of the topic.


Main body: The essay’s body should be divided into paragraphs, each of which should focus on a different idea and provide concrete evidence to back it up. The body should contain persuasive logical arguments and material that will hold the reader’s interest. In most cases, these essays have three to four body paragraphs. You can also present some competing viewpoints and offer refuting evidence in your final body paragraph to increase the persuasiveness of your writing.


Conclusion: in this section, you should summarise the most important ideas and repeat your argument. To give your readers something to think about, you can also incorporate more information. To increase your paper’s ability to persuade readers, make sure your conclusion is strong, concise, and logical.


More details on how to spice up your essay are provided below:

Utilise statistics: Using recent facts to support your argument is the most effective strategy. People like data, in general, and your readers will be more persuaded by your background. To make it simple for people to accept your proposal, you must include precise facts and reliable reference materials.

Concentrate on the Facts: If you concentrate on the facts that have been established to support your thoughts, you will sound highly persuasive, and the readers will quickly recognize your article. Proven facts will also strengthen your essay’s argument and credibility.

Use quotations: using quotations to support your arguments is a wise choice. Direct quotes from conferences or reports that have been published can be used to convey the viewpoints of reliable and respectable personas. Ideas from trustworthy sources or individuals who are respected in the community are readily adopted. The speech need not be in its entirety; instead, you might concentrate on texts that will support your claims.

For instance, Bob Marley once said that “real riches is life forever.”

How to Write a Perfect Persuasive Essay:

When given the task of writing a persuasive essay, many students scramble to complete it. Avoid making this error by taking your time and planning thoroughly before you begin writing.

Here is a thorough step-by-step guide to assist you in creating a perfect persuasive essay and effortlessly completing the entire process:


Perfect Persuasive Essay

4 steps of writing Perfect Persuasive Essay

Get into position

Identifying a precise position is necessary before you begin. Please research both sides of your topic and select the one that most resonates with you and your feelings before deciding which side you wish to support. Do your homework to compile sufficient supporting data for your arguments.


Following your position, you can delve further into your potential topic areas. To generate specific concepts, you should have thorough knowledge of the subject.


Use precise and reliable sources, and exercise caution when conducting your study. The most intriguing statements, statistics, and facts should also be taken into account because they all aid to bolster your claims.

Additionally, when conducting research, assess your evidence and prioritize the most important ones. You will encounter several forms of proof. The fact that you cannot use all of them in one report prompts you to evaluate the evidence you have gathered and select the strongest pieces of information to support your argument.


Draft the first version.

Take some time to read through a few of the persuasive essays that are available before starting to create your own. Remember that you now have everything you need to create the paper—you have the outline, you know the subject—so you can start working on your essay. When writing the initial draft, don’t worry about being perfect; there will be time afterwards to edit and fix any mistakes that need to be made. But make sure you adhere to the outline and write rationally; this will help you stay on course and guarantee that you don’t miss any important things.


Verify your paper once again and make the necessary edits.

Writing is something distinct, while editing and proofreading are totally unrelated. You should be aware that editing and proofreading are necessary to eliminate all grammatical flaws and improperly used sentences and phrases. Your ability to proofread your paper will decide its success; you can also enlist the assistance of your peers. The trick is to take a break from the paper and clear your head before proofreading; you can take a few days or even a week so that you can return when you are rested and motivated to finish the last step.

Proofreading can assist you remember crucial details that you might have forgotten when writing the first draft. Keep in mind that its purpose extends beyond simply fixing grammar mistakes. Your essay will appear fantastic if you polish it and eliminate any unclear sentences.

Note the following details as well:

Keep your paper simple in terms of vocabulary. It’s important to keep in mind that overusing flowery language won’t help you score higher on essay assignments. Not at all, just use easy-to-understand jargon that is simple and clear to use. Simply put, your paper essay needs to be immaculate and follow logic so that the reader may understand it without any difficulty.

Try out several persuasive strategies. Your company should put its efforts into persuading the readers that your analogy is accurate, and that they should accept it as true and perhaps even attempt using it. As was previously mentioned, the reader should be able to trust the accuracy of your work. Additionally, don’t limit yourself to the persuasive strategies given in this article; research additional strategies from other sources.


Verify your work a minimum of three times.

Proofreading helps to make your work perfect, much like constant practice. Make care to double-check your assignment for logical consistency, readability, style, and tone of voice. Make sure the outline and every paragraph flows in line with the thesis, and don’t forget to ask a buddy to assist you proofread your work so that it is more accurate.

Once you’ve read it, ask yourself if your essay seems credible. It’s likely that other people will enjoy it if it makes you happy.

The following checklist will assist you in making sure your persuasive essay is perfect.


Persuasive essay examples are provided below:

  1. Do women typically have less strength than men? The argument presented here refutes the notion that women are less strong than men and supports it with evidence.
  2.  Should those who unauthorised download movies and music face punishment? The author here disputes the notion of cyber piracy and contends that sharing material has permeated our culture.


What are some simple subjects for persuasive essays?


Here are a few examples of persuasive essay subjects.


  • Does plastic need to be banned?
  • Education ought to be free.
  • Should kids have restricted Internet access?
  • It should be illegal to sell tobacco.
  • It should be unlawful to smoke in public areas.
  • Facebook needs to be outlawed.
  • Here are some sample paragraphs from a persuasive essay.
  • a single paragraph serving as the introduction
  • With development and support, there are three body paragraphs.
  • There is one final paragraph.
  • What sort of writing is convincing?
  • And as members of this community, what do we say?


What are the five effective methods of persuasion?

  • Building credibility and establishing trust are important.
  • First Recognize the objective of the reader and position your ideas accordingly.
  • Be mindful of your wording and tone
  • Make use of repetition and rhetoric

How do you begin a compelling essay introduction?

  • Start with an appropriate quotation.
  • Start off with some interesting data and trivia.
  • Start with a compelling tale.
  • Pose a fascinating query to the readers.
  • Establish the standard


What is a persuasive essay’s topic sentence?

The point the author wants to make on the issue should be stated in each topic sentence. The topic sentence frequently begins the paragraph and is the first sentence in the section. Topic sentences communicate an attitude, notion, emotion, opinion, or point of view.



In contrast to mystery novels, persuasive papers’ main objective is to persuade. Avoid hiding information from the reader when writing an engaging essay to avoid creating any kind of suspense. Make sure your topic sentences express your main aim in a clear, concise, and up-front manner. Now it’s your turn to plan and write a strong argumentative essay for your subsequent assignment.

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