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Presenting a Point of View Effectively in an Expository Essay

Although the victor always writes history, depending on the viewpoint taken, every issue, circumstance, or event can still have a variety of perspectives. Some ideologies or ways of thinking are particularly difficult to change. In order to demonstrate the validity of a concept, one can only give an argument supported by data, logic, and evidence. The explanation essay is focused on explaining this.

You can learn how to write an explanatory essay in this post from Custom scholars, which also offers dissertation writing assistance. It also includes an explanatory essay sample. In order to get started, let’s define the term.

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Presenting a Point of View Effectively in an Expository Essay
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What is an expository essay

In an expository essay, the author offers their perspective on a particular issue, circumstance, or incident. Although the writer need not necessarily agree with this point of view, it must be supported by evidence and reasoning in order to be credible.

Expository  essays present reports of a certain event or circumstance or other people’s opinions. These are typical in fields like history or journalism where students investigate facts and actual situations while providing balanced explanations supported by facts and proof.

Typically, when writing, you will select a predetermined topic and then approach the subject from a predetermined perspective. This perspective is frequently complex, allowing for discussion. At this phase, you must provide a viewpoint of your choosing that adequately justifies how a specific result came about.

The misconception that they are advocating one side of a discussion or condemning a perspective leads to a common error that many authors make.

Instead, expository writing focuses on expressing a neutral point of view on the assigned issue by offering analysis from research and logically developed self-theory. The main objective is to dispel any doubt and provide a clear justification for what transpired. Even if they disagree with it, the reader ought to comprehend your point after finishing the essay.

Topics for expository essays

Students frequently receive pre-selected subjects for explanation essays. One might ask a student to explain how computers operate or to summarize the events that led to World War II.

Explanatory essays are objective and fact-based, so keep that in mind if you’re given the freedom to choose your own topic. So it’s advised to choose a topic that you can fully explain that is both neutral and uncontroversial. Your essay will cover more angles and become more complex the more contentious the subject.

An expository essay can describe almost any subject, circumstance, or idea; to get you started, here are a few examples:

  • What major factors gave rise to the American Civil War?

This has been a question that hasn’t been fully addressed throughout history, from slavery to states’ rights and the aggravating sense of power loss.

  • How can depression impact adolescent and young child development?

Many people experience depression in different ways. There is still much to learn about this subject, from dietary modifications that affect the body to mental leaps that cause mood fluctuations.

  • How have schools been affected by the general development of technology?

Although technology has greatly made life easier for everyone, it has also contributed to a culture of complacency and dependence. Is it a substance that can become addictive?

  • What effects—both beneficial and harmful—have social media had on today’s society?

Nowadays, everyone is a keyboard warrior thanks to social media. Although it does permit people to openly express their beliefs, what about the drawbacks?

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How to Begin an Expository Essay. Steps in the Pre-Writing Process

Expository essay writing procedures

You must remember to conduct adequate research and data collection before starting to write an explanation paper. This article heavily relies on reliable research and data. Be sure to take note of all the crucial information from your sources and utilize it as support for your essay.

In order for your ideas to be effectively recognized, keep in mind that the point of view being offered must be a combination of your own ideas and outside knowledge. Therefore, do some research on the subject and gather numerous references to support your ideas.

  • Select a neutral subject that you want to describe thoroughly.
  • Find your sources by consulting online journals like Google Scholar or JSTOR. Or locate pertinent books in the college library to utilize as primary sources.
  • Prepare your study; jot down any pertinent data or quotations. Keep note of your sources because you will need to cite them later.
  • Put your research into an outline for a paper that includes an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Review the information, then start writing.

A strong thesis captures every idea you plan to discuss in your essay.

For instance, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 masterpiece Schindler’s List, which explores the struggle between good and evil and the enormous influence that heroism and selflessness can have on the lives of the powerless, offers a vivid and frightening glimpse inside the concentration camps of World War II.

A weak thesis statement does not clearly describe the subjects that will be covered in your essay:

The holocaust is the subject of Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, which details Oskar Schindler’s experience and how he prevented thousands of Jews from suffering a terrible destiny.

It’s important to note that a strong thesis statement demonstrates that the movie’s plot is not the only topic of discussion. A man’s ability to influence the world is one of the themes, as are themes of good and evil, bravery and selflessness. Simply explaining what happens in the film, the flawed thesis statement.

It is time to specify an explanation essay format by making an outline after the first two steps have been completed.

Outline for an Expository Essay

The length of the topic and the information you are attempting to convey will influence the outline of an expository essay. However, depending on the explanatory essay pattern, the average essay tends to be one or two pages long, making the total essay about five paragraphs long.

The explanatory thesis and the topic of debate will be introduced to the reader in the introduction. The body paragraphs that follow will then support the thesis statement with details, reasoning, data, etc. Last but not least, the conclusion should provide a broad ending statement while summarizing the primary ideas of your essay. Let’s now discuss each section in more detail.

The opening of an expository essay

A hook, some background information, and a thesis statement are the three essential parts of the explanatory essay introduction. It acts as a transition into the essay’s main ideas. As with most essay kinds, start by offering a hook statement to pique the reader’s interest in the subject. This may be a fascinating statistic, a pertinent quotation, or anything else that would hold the audience’s interest.

Give any background information that is required but may not appear obvious after that. The reader will be able to follow along better thanks to this. To seal the essay’s emphasis, add the explanatory thesis at the end. This should clear up any ambiguity on what will be covered in the body.

Paragraphs in the Body

Three paragraphs, each with a different angle, should typically make up the body, unless the subject is extremely in-depth. Each body paragraph, however, uses the same overall tone. Give a topic sentence that succinctly describes the content you will be introducing before you begin. This sentence should also seamlessly lead from one idea to the next in the text.

Present a stance or assertion that directly backs up your thesis after that. It’s crucial to make the relationship clear so that the audience can quickly make the connection. Afterward, present the supporting data from your research. This will support your assertion and strengthen your stance. Finally, give a summary of the significance of the claim in relation to the thesis statement in your concluding statement. For each of your points in the body, repeat this methodical strategy from our custom essay writing service three times.

Three key elements must be included in the conclusion for an expository essay to be successfully completed. Rephrase your thesis statement first. This will reinforce the key thesis of your presentation and draw the audience’s focus back to it.

Next, be sure to summarize your three supporting arguments as stated in the body paragraphs in a suitable manner. It’s crucial to succinctly reiterate the importance of each one. This will demonstrate that you have successfully and rationally supported your explanatory argument, strengthening your work as a whole.

Provide a general summary in your final, concluding paragraph. This ought to clarify the significance of the particular point of view adopted from a broad standpoint. Leave your readers with a call to action that will compel them to continue researching the topic. Once you have completed that, your explanatory essay is virtually complete.

Your expository essay’s general outline will resemble this:


  • A hook; an attention-getter.
  • Detailed background information that represents all sides of the debate.
  • Thesis assertion

Body (Three paragraphs) 

  • Use a topic sentence to indicate the first point of contention.
  • Using your sources, support this topic sentence with evidence.
  • Describe the supporting data and explain how it supports your claim.
  • Finish each paragraph by restating your thesis and outlining its significance.
  • Utilize the conclusion to lead into the following paragraph.


  • Reiterate the thesis statement.
  • Write a summary of your essay’s ideas and sentences that serve as topics.
  • Finish the article with a conclusion that leaves the reader with one last impression.

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The Final Polish

Take a few proactive efforts to tie the knot around your essay before confidently submitting it.

Verify your clarity.

Because explaining a subject or event is the main objective of an expository  essay, you should make sure that your writing makes sense to the reader and makes it easier for them to understand. The very last thing you want is for your readers to read your essay and be left wondering what argument you were attempting to make in general.

Review and Edit

The worst thing a writer can do is make annoying grammatical and vocabulary errors that destroy the text’s eloquence. Make sure the essay flows like a Sunday morning brook by giving it a few more readings.

You can always pay for essays and receive assistance from our qualified writers.

Example of an Expository essay

Here is an illustration of an expository essay from our graduate paper writing service that describes how college sororities operate. In addition to offering sources, it is replete with examples and details. Keep in mind the way the writer organized the essay and described the characteristics of sororities and how to join one.

The procedure of joining a collegiate sorority is explained in this example of an expository essay. The essay describes the recruitment process, discusses events, and lists all the 

information a freshman should be aware of prior to joining a sorority.

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