How to write a comparision essay & Normal essay

comparision between comparision essay & Normal essay

The ability to write a comparison essay is difficult for a significant percentage of students, especially those with weak writing abilities, and this has a significant negative impact on their academic success. Don’t be concerned if you find yourself in such a predicament; this article will provide you with qualified advice.


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compare and contrast essay writing guide

compare and contrast essay writing guide

What is a comparative essay?

A comparison essay is a type of academic assignment that examines the similarities between two items that are different but fall under the same category, such as comparing two different employees of the same company to identify their distinguishing traits.


It is critical to comprehend that although contrasting entails analyzing how two subjects differ, comparing involves examining how things are similar. Colleges sometimes assign this kind of paper when professors want students to compare multiple items as part of an exam to gauge their level of understanding.


A sample comparison essay prompt is provided below.


  • Examine laptops from Dell and HP.
  • Examine the similarities and differences between the US and UK economies.
  • Analyze the constitutional similarities between Kenya and the UK.


Selecting two objects that are distinct from one another but have some commonalities will help you write a great paper. Comparing two subjects has as its main objective revealing the minor distinctions between them rather than pointing out the obvious. For instance, it would be preferable to compare two dogs rather than a dog and a cat when contrasting two pets. Your readers would comprehend the group more fully if you highlighted the differences between the two subjects that fall under the same category.


Topic Selection for Comparison Essays

It is not easy to select the best subject for your essay. Many students struggle with choosing which question to answer and spend a considerable amount of time considering their options. Selecting an intriguing subject that will hold your audience’s interest before you begin writing is essential.


The suggestions that you are expected to abide by before selecting a topic are explained in the paragraphs that follow.

Recognize your audience

Keep in mind that if you don’t target your readers’ interests, your essay may be pointless. Because of this, it’s critical to research the requirements of your target audience and develop a topic that will hold their interest.


Gather concepts

Go through a list of things, come up with ideas for them, and identify the best characteristics to compare before you choose the best topic.


Select two subjects or items from a single category.

Examine objects that appear to be similar but differ in some ways in order to make a helpful comparison. Additionally, read the assignment’s question to make sure you understand it. The next step is to generate ideas and write an outline.


  • Make a list of the important characteristics that the items or subjects have in common.
  • Examine the objects, highlighting the essential components that they share.
  • Additionally, look into the details of their commonalities to support the information you currently have about them. More significantly, stay away from choosing a subject with an overly broad scope.


Find characteristics that both subjects share.

Choosing the appropriate subject depends on the similarities between the two objects.


  • Pick two subjects that are comparable.
  • Make sure you’ve chosen items with enough similarities before you start writing your paper so that you can compare them well.
  • Choose a compelling contrast.

You will write an engaging work if you choose two exciting objects or subjects, so keep that in mind.

Topics for Comparison Essays

Make sure you choose two things that are sufficiently similar before deciding on a topic so that you can create a superior comparison. For instance, comparing cats and dogs to oranges and music makes more sense.


It should be noted that in order to compare two items and arrive at an objective conclusion, great care must be used to examine their common aspects. Here is a collection of comparison essay themes for you.


  • Rules for playing football versus netball
  • Android and Windows operating systems
  • Dogs and cats
  • Shopping at malls versus doing so online
  • Samsung versus Nokia
  • Movies versus soap operas
  • Choosing between friendship and love
  • Compare the two most competitive establishments in your neighbourhood
  • Compare the efficiency of men and women in managerial roles.

Comparative Essay Format

It is important to remember that a comparison essay examines the similarities between two objects, therefore you must approach it accordingly before you begin writing. Knowing this paper’s format will also make your work easier.


The following format will be very helpful to you if you have never written an essay before



Your paper’s introduction is its initial component, and it typically has 1-2 paragraphs. Keep in mind that this section is essential to your work since it encourages readers to want to read the rest of it.


To write a strong beginning, you must identify your subject, provide a synopsis of its history, and highlight its importance. Your introduction should begin with a hook, which is an intriguing fact or statistic.


It is crucial to develop a strong start by emphasizing the two concepts you intend to contrast. Give your viewers a thorough history on the subject as well so they can grasp its context.


Thesis assertion

An argument or stance you choose with reference to a specific issue is your thesis statement. Keep in mind that the thesis is a crucial component of your essay, therefore you should state it in full. The key details that will be covered in the paper are summarized in this statement, which is the last one in the introduction.


Use our thesis statement generator tool for assistance.


The main Body 

The main body, which consists of paragraphs with several points, is the foundation of your essay. It is a good idea to write an introduction that summarizes the section’s subject matter. Make sure to conduct factual research to substantiate your written opinions. Put a sentence at the end of the paragraph that summarizes the discussion so far. A paragraph should not be longer than 200 words, or around 2/3 of a page.



The summary of the essay’s key points is included in the conclusion. Utilizing a new language, restate your thesis. giving a summary of your study in your final statement.

Comparision Essay

Comparision Essay west side story and Romeo &Juliet

Essay about Contrast and Comparison

An essay that analyzes the similarities and differences between two objects is called a comparison and contrast essay. The two things that are being examined should belong to the same category. For illustration, you can be asked to contrast two domesticated animals, like a goat and a sheep.


If you don’t know what to do or how to do it, writing a comparison and contrast essay might be challenging. You can create a compare and contrast paper using the simple recommendations we have provided in this post.


Pick relevant topics.

The subjects you choose for comparison must be distinct but belong to the same category. Instead of comparing a footballer and a musician, you might decide to compare the two footballers. The subjects you could choose for your comparison are highlighted in the list below.


  • Catholicism and Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Exercise in a gym and at home
  • both at-home and in-hospital deliveries
  • sour milk and fresh milk
  • A dog and cat
  • Make a list of the similarities and differences.

The appropriate tactics must be used if you wish to write a fantastic essay. Create a list of the subjects’ similarities and differences, for instance. Then, base your paper’s structure on the commonalities and distinctions between the two things.


  • Describe your key point.

You can go ahead and underline important concepts to support your main argument once you’ve made a list of the similarities and contrasts between the two topics.

Before writing your essay, make sure you’ve organized it so that it may be written in a way that makes sense. You can arrange your essay according to topics or concepts.


  • The structure’s composition

To compose your paper in a way that can make sense, make sure you organize before you start writing. Based on topics or concepts, you can structure your essay.

It is important to start with one topic and end with it when structuring a paper based on subjects. For instance, when comparing and contrasting a dog and a cat, discuss the two issues differently by first pointing out their similarities and then highlighting their differences.

The primary concepts may also serve as the foundation for your article. If this were the case, you might start by pointing out the shared characteristics of the two subjects. In addition, you may talk about how they differ under a certain theme.

  • Create an outline.

It’s crucial to create an outline that takes into account the format of your work. An introduction, four body paragraphs, and a conclusion, for instance, can be the structure you choose for your essay.

  • Add facts to support your argument.

Make careful to use factual data from research to back up the stuff you write. Use the opinions of the owners of cats and dogs, for instance, to support your assertion when talking about these animals. Additionally, you must cite your sources and provide references if you make a claim regarding a certain topic.


  • Use transitional language

Transitional phrases are essential for creating a smooth transition between each statement in your essay. To compare two subjects, you could, for instance, use the phrases similarly, likewise, and both. You can use phrases like “on the other hand,” “nonetheless,” “whereas,” etc. to contrast two objects.


  • Edit and proofread your writing.

Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors after writing your paper. Use grammar checkers, like Grammarly, to find and fix errors to make sure your essay is flawless.How to Compose Compare and Contrast Essay Outline


Examples of Comparison and Contrast Essays

If you have no prior writing experience, creating a comparison and contrast essay may prove to be challenging. The subjects for some instances of compare and contrast essays are listed below.


  • What are some shared and distinctive characteristics of argumentative and narrative essays?
  • African and Asian doctors: Differences and Similarities
  • Christian and Islam similarities and differences
  • Compare and contrast natural remedies with conventional treatments
  • comparing and contrasting rail and road transportation
  • Please review the examples on the customscholars website if you want to become familiar with this article.


A Comparison Essay Introduction

To help the reader get an informed view about the things you are comparing, you must examine the two topics and highlight their similarities in your comparison essay.


Your audience will be very affected by how you begin a comparison essay. It is crucial to remember that an introduction’s quality will decide whether or not readers continue reading your article after becoming interested in it.


The techniques you can employ to capture the interest of your audience are highlighted in the paragraphs that follow.


  • To help your readers grasp your issue, provide a succinct historical backdrop.
  • To entice the reader into your topic, begin with a narrative.
  • Use a spectacular statement that is either joyous or startling.
  • Utilize statistics to illustrate the scope of the issue


How to Write a Comparative Essay’s Opening Paragraph

An introduction is a crucial component of a comparative essay. Use lines that hook or attract the audience’s attention if you want to write a superb introduction.


Notably, a thesis statement is a component of an introduction. The purpose of this statement, which serves as the opening paragraph’s final sentence, is to convey the author’s perspective on the subject.


Conclusions for Comparison/Contrast Essays

When deciding between two options for an object or scenario, readers need assistance from compare and contrast essays. The reader must read the essay, consider all of its points, and then determine whether to choose one item over the other.


Contact specialized writing services, like customscholars if you have no idea how to write a comparison and contrast essay.


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