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10 Tips from the Best College Essay Assistance Service

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So much depends on an admission essay. It has to be representative of the very best in a person while also remaining honest and realistic about their true essence. That is a delicate balance to achieve. Especially, considering how much pressure you will be under to put your best foot forward without being braggy. This right is reason enough to get college essay assistance.

College admission essays are considered soft factors or non-quantitative elements. This means that, unlike grades and prerequisite courses, the qualities cannot be measured. The judgment solely relies on the panel’s opinion. The hard factors are accurate in communicating academic capability.

The panel can predict how you will perform on tests and in class. But, they will not be able to tell if you will fit in socially at the institution. They will not be able to tell if the extra-curricular activities and programs will interest you. A college education is more than about grades. It is about becoming a well-rounded professional.

However, if you are behind on your college admissions essays, do not panic. If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed. If you are too anxious to write it. If you feel like your own writing skills would grossly underrepresent you. Whether you get college essay assistance or not, it is important to learn the biggest tips in admission essay writing.

See, an admission essay introduces you to people for consideration. You can use the tips for writing the essay in real life. There are a number of steps that students can take to put together the most accurate and compelling admission essay. Or, you could hire us. We will deliver the best possible college essay assistance that will help your chances of gaining admission to their top-choice colleges.

Dos and Don’ts of College Essay Assistance

Here are some college admission essay dos and don’ts for students to keep in mind as they complete their applications before deadlines. They are straight out of our college essay assistance bible.

1. Do be concise 2. Don’t repeat your resume
When developing a topic that reveals something new, find a way to frame the story or idea that shows a slice of your life or the event. Be descriptive and give details that appeal to the senses – taste, touch, smell, etc.  You might need a little help in this regard through college essay assistance. When writing about a meaningful experience or event, you do not have to give a long timeline of events.

Instead, give the reader the piece of the puzzle that conveys your message. Particularly when you are feeling stressed for time, it can be helpful to remember that your job is not necessarily to tell a full-length story; it is to focus on something smaller that demonstrates who you are and what you stand for.

This is very important to remember. The personal statement is your opportunity to reveal something about yourself that cannot be found anywhere else in your application – use it! Many students use this essay to expound upon activities or interests that are already heavily demonstrated in their application through courses, the activity list, and more.

Instead of reinforcing a top activity or interest, write about something that reveals another dimension of your life or personality. If your top activity is swimming, do not write about the big championship meet. Find something else that reveals something new and that shows you put a lot of thought into your essay.

If your study of AP biology conflicts with your religious views, write about that and how you reconciled the two.  The idea here is to show who you truly are. Take some time to think about what aspect of yourself you want to highlight most.  It is called a personal statement for exactly that reason, it is personal. Make it so.

3. Do show off your knowledge of the school 4. Don’t copy & paste
When tailoring responses to individual college prompts, it is important to use specific details you have learned through visiting and research. Not only does this show colleges that you have done your homework, but it also affirms your interest in the college – and colleges want to admit students who are likely to enroll.

Show your knowledge of the college by mentioning specific courses, professors, places of interest, and more. Show how you fit into the campus culture and how you will impact the community through specific examples. You are not a good candidate just because you get good grades. You are a good candidate because you get good grades and fit into the institutional culture. College essay assistance can best help you communicate this in the short essay you are meant to write.


Honestly, we get it. You have not applied to just one school. You have the school of your preference and then you have the fallback options. After all, life is about choices.

With upwards of 25 or more essays to write for a balanced college list of 10-12 schools, it is tempting for you to repurpose essays across applications if the prompts are similar, especially when working down to the wire. You can go as far as using a template provided by college essay assistance. However, you must be very careful about tailoring each essay to the institution you are applying to.  Telling Uni A why you want to attend Uni B is a quick way to end up in the “no” pile.

At the end of the day, attempting to repurpose essays is not the time-efficient solution either. While it might seem like a quick fix, you will likely spend more time trying to rework an existing piece than you would if you started from scratch. Instead, give each essay a fresh start and set aside time to give every prompt your all.

5. Do be simple 6. Don’t be a fake
No one likes flamboyance. It might be funny and interesting to see at first but it gets old very quickly. So be simple. Using lofty language and complex sentence structure can make you sound sophisticated, but is that really how you speak? Do not let your voice get lost in the pursuit to impress readers. Instead, write like you speak – keeping in mind that proper grammar and spelling are still important. Remember that you will be called in for an interview. You better remember to bring the thesaurus with you or your mask will be lifted.


So many students think that they “know” what colleges are looking for in applicants and this can have a big influence on their essays. Students will overuse the thesaurus and write about strange topics in an effort to impress and stand out. Instead of writing what you think the admissions office wants to read, write about what you want them to know.

Again, the essay is a great space to reveal something new about you, so stand out by being authentic and showing another side of yourself. If you feel like they are pressed for time, being genuine is likely also your most efficient strategy. Forget about trying to concoct a version of yourself that you think the admissions office wants to see and let your authentic personality shine through. Do not feel the pressure to wear a mask you think the admissions panel will like better. Professionals from our college essay assistance service can guide you down the right path.


7. Do follow instructions 8. Don’t rush through proofreading
Many students actually make this mistake. In the pursuit to write the perfect essay, many forget to connect it to the original prompt. While the prompts on most sites for the main essay are general enough to allow students to write about whatever they choose, it still needs to be clear how that essay addresses the prompt.

The same applies to school-specific essays. Check and double-check that a clear connection is made between the topic of your essay and the question the prompt is asking. College essay assistance should help you ensure that your essay remains within the prescribed parameters. Not following instructions is a good reason to disqualify you.


Spellcheck will not catch every spelling or grammatical error! Take the time to read over all your essays carefully and keep an eye out for things like “out” when you meant to say “our” and other common typos. Especially when you are short on time, it can be easy to overlook spelling and grammar, but it is always worth the few extra minutes to make sure you have error-free content. To be extra safe, have a parent or mentor or friend read over the essay, too, to catch any errors you might have missed.

Spelling and grammar errors can take away from an otherwise stellar essay – so be mindful. Alternatively, you can hire a college essay assistance service like ours to polish your essay for you after you have written it. We hire only the best people in the business.  You can be sure your essay will be free of errors.


9. Do consult 10. Don’t sweat it
While it is imperative that students write their own essays and use their authentic voice, every writer can benefit from a second set of eyes. Your college counselor can provide valuable insight into how to improve your college application essays, so seek feedback on your drafts as soon as possible. School-based counselors and mentors have a lot of students to advise and are very busy, so do not wait!

On the other hand, with help from a college essay assistance service will be a good decision especially if you are short on time or too anxious to write.


Working down to the wire can undoubtedly be stressful. Instead of beating yourself up for not starting sooner or worrying that you won’t be able to finish everything on time, focus on what you can control.

Put all of your energy toward your application essays and devote as much time to writing and editing as possible. Keep tabs on every admissions deadline and prioritize what you will work on first accordingly. Create a strategy for completing every essay and stay accountable to the timeline you have created. Hiring a college essay assistance service will help you finish on time. You can panic on the side as the work goes on.



Essays are an important component in the college application process. While the essay alone will not gain you admission to your top-choice college, a poorly written one can send you to the “no” pile pretty quickly. Consequently, it is important to give every essay your all and seek guidance when you need it – especially if you are feeling overwhelmed leading up to critical deadlines.

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Do not wait until it is too late to reach out to Custom Scholars for college essay assistance services. Do not let your anxiety drag you down. You can rely on us. Leave it to us to deliver good-quality college essay assistance. With us, you can rest easy. We stand out from the rest.




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